Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Improve Communication to Improve Learning and Performance

A lot of learning opportunities are lost because of poor communication and poor communication exists because people do not have the necessary skills to create a culture of openness, honesty, engagement and humility. Yes, humility.

I have seen this too often. People are sent to training, whatever training, without understanding why they needed to go because their supervisors fail or avoided to tell them what they need to learn, yes, avoided. 

I have also seen people who after attending training realized that a lot of things need to be changed but won’t do it because it means having an uncomfortable conversation with their bosses. And how many times did people go to their bosses with proposals for change only to be turned away? Many.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Five Reasons Why I’m Going for Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) Certification and You Should Too

 I’m going for it this year and I am inviting you to go through it with me.

I copy-pasted this part from the Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD)

"The Certification for Workplace and Learning Performance (WLP) Professional is the Philippine Society for Training and Development’s (PSTD’s) initiative to upgrade, professionalize and regulate the practice of WLP in the Philippines by assessing and classifying WLP practitioners according to proficiency levels using the twelve WLP competencies as standard.
There are three levels of certification, I will be aiming for becoming a Fellow.

To qualify as an Associate in WLP, the practitioner should have a Level 1 Proficiency level for technical and personal competencies. There is no required managerial competency at the Associate Level.

To qualify as a Diplomate in WLP, the practitioner should have a Level 2 Proficiency level for technical, personal and managerial competencies.

To qualify as a Fellow in WLP, the practitioner should have a Level 3 Proficiency level for technical, personal and managerial competencies."

Click the link to know more about the WLP Competencies.

Here are my five reasons:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

HRD Has No Role to Play in the ASEAN Integration and Your Company Will Not be Affected

Of course, the title is not true. But looking at how a lot of companies are taking everything in a stride sure feels like it is true.

I mean how openly does the Management team in your organization discuss the impact of the oncoming ASEAN Integration to your industry or your business? Have you thought about the opportunities and threats  posed by this and how you can capitalize on your strengths and address your weaknesses so you can take advantage of it?
PMAP Past President and current SOF President Ric Abadesco shares some information on the role of Learning and Development Professionals in the ASEAN Integration.
The ASEAN integration will address the three pillars of the union namely; political security, socio-cultural and economy. The economic pillar will focus on more liberalized trade and investment among member countries. Which means potential entry of new players in our country, companies from our country having opportunities to expand to other member countries and easier migration of needed talent to man expansion. If you look closely into what I just said here, you’ll see that your continuing success will depend a lot on how you manage your company’s way through this integration. Put your HR Head hat and see how your whole HR operation should brace for this eventuality.

Recruitment – The war on talent that is going on now will only intensify as more players will come in to start or expand operations. It is happening in the banking industry with bank expansions going on now, it will happen to many other industries including yours. What is your strategy?


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