Saturday, January 10, 2015

Be a Part of ExeQserve's Growth

Hi, Regular readers. I apologize for posting an off-topic article. This does not happen often. My need is quite urgent, hence I decided to use this medium to convey my invitation for people to join my team.

It was an excellent 2014 for ExeQserve and 2015 is starting really, really well. It makes us, the
ExeQserve Team more ambitious about our goals for this and the coming years. In this regard, the need to beef up the team becomes apparent. Let me tell you about how it is like to be a member of our team depending on your role and what we have in store for you.

Freelance Training Consultants
We need people who are passionate about facilitating learning. If you design and deliver programs on leadership, customer service, sales, problem solving and decision making, project management and other courses, you are the one we are looking for. If you are fond of using various approaches to learning and development and are great at keeping the learners engaged and accountable for learning, you are the one we are looking for. If you believe that conducting training means partnering with the clients, understanding what they need and going beyond classroom delivery to ensure application of learning (willing to submit post training reports and conduct follow through sessions), you're the one we are looking for.

What is in store for you? We will use ExeQserve's marketing strength to  offer your expertise to our clients and assist you in delivering your programs. If you want to explore this avenue, email me at ecebreoATexeqQserveDOTcom

Junior HR Consultant
ExeQserve partners with our clients to develop, customize  and implement their human resource and organization development strategies. We also have clients who turnover the entire management of the HR Department to us. We need intelligent, passionate and high potential HR professionals with 2-3 years of experience in HR who want to fast-track their knowledge of technical HR and enter the world of consulting.  We need someone who is quick to learn, voracious researcher and confident to deal with managers of other companies. If you think you are this person, then we should talk.

What is in store for you? We offer basic salary, project allowances as you will be handling several, government mandated benefits, HMO, term insurance, de minimis benefits, training allowances, etc. Most importantly, you will fast-track your knowledge of HR Management and Organization Development, engage in multiple exciting projects.

Recruitment Associates
We closed some pretty exciting executive search projects this year and we need more team members who are passionate about recruitment and keen to develop themselves into kick-ass, rock star recruiters. No need for experience, just a burning desire to succeed and a truckload of resourcefulness and creativity!

What is in store for you? Basic salary, fat commission, mandated benefits, HMO, insurance, opportunity to learn how to facilitate training, get training allowance every time you are asked to assist in training among other things.

 visit our website for more information about ExeQserve : 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Competencies that Build and Enhance Teamwork

I have been a Training Consultant and Team Building Facilitator in the Philippines for many years and in my experience, I have learned quite a few things that help strengthen teamwork. I must also say that failing to recognize if certain gaps are present in the team, will hinder your team building efforts. Here are my recommendations:

  •  Leadership skills in building and sustaining teamwork. Often, leaders approach me to help them fix their team. By it, they actually mean fix the attitude of their team members. What they often miss is that the behavior of the team members is often a reaction to their leader’s attitude and behavior.  Leaders need to recognize that they might be causing the dysfunction in the team and learn how to develop themselves to be better leaders. They need to appreciate what they bring to the team both in terms of  contribution due to their strengths and challenges due to their weaknesses. They need to learn how to facilitate the team’s growth from forming, storming, norming to performing. They need to learn to build trust, enhance collaboration, building commitment, make everyone accountable and get the team to focus on result.  These are an important set of skills that leaders must seriously consider enhancing so they can lead their team better.
          See how ExeQserve can help your leaders build and sustain teamwork

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Building a Powerful Coalition for Learning and Development

Learning and Development is a means to an end. We introduce interventions because something needs to change in order to achieve the organization’s objectives. In John Kotter’s Book, Leading Change, he introduced the eight-step process for leading change, step 5 of which is “Enable Action by Removing Barriers”. A lot of these barriers can be removed by using learning and development interventions but only if people are committed to acquiring the needed competencies for change.  

Commitment is the magic word here. In his book, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni said that Commitment is achieved when there is buy-in and clarity. In the case of L&D we see buy-in as the stakeholders’ support for the intervention and clarity means being clear about what needs to be done to see results. We believe that to achieve success, L&D professionals must mind Kotter’s Step 2: Build a Guiding Coalition- a team of powerful individuals who will champion, follow through and make people accountable for making change happen.


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