Monday, July 14, 2014

Developing Your Recruiter Competencies Part 2: Being Resourceful

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Gone are the days when, you just post your vacancy in a leading broadsheet and then you’ll get the talents you are looking for. Unless you are looking for unskilled labor, that thing just won’t work anymore.
Today’s recruitment reality, especially if you are looking for knowledge workers and experienced talents is this; you are competing with many other companies for these talents.  Some of the best talents are already employed.  If you are looking for top talents but you and your hiring decision makers are unwilling to change their beliefs about recruitment, you’ve got to be the darn best employer in the market or you’ll end up hiring desperate job applicants.  You might want to ask which hiring rules you should start reconsidering, here they are.
  • Three-shortlisted candidate rule. Chances are, by the time you get your second or third candidate; your first candidate will be long gone.
  • If your budget only covers newspaper or job portal ads, you’ll be casting too small a net.
  •  If you won’t consider interview schedules that are outside office hours or offsite, you might lose a potentially great candidate who is currently working really hard and doing his/her best not to let her job exploration get in the way of his/her current responsibilities.
And because today’s topic focuses on resourcefulness, here are some of the things you need to learn how to do as a recruiter:
  • Use social media to attract candidates
  •  Expand your social capital by connecting to as many people who can help you locate the best candidates as possible.
  •  Learn headhunting or hire one (ExeQserve’s number is 8933199)
  • Put together a mean referral program that would greatly incentivize people for pointing potential employees your way.
  • Learn to work with Marketing on how to build your employer brand because believe me, if you have great employer brand, it would be easier for candidates to consider exploring your organization .

Monday, July 07, 2014

Developing Your Recruiter Competencies

"A wrong hire cannot be corrected by training." You've probably heard of this before. You've also probably read in many articles and books about how expensive a wrong hire is. The funny thing is very few companies invest in fortifying their recruitment strategy or equipping their recruitment professionals with skills that will make them the company's key strategists for hiring the right people.

Now that the competition for talent is getting tougher, there is a need for professionals to be fully equipped. They also need to acquire the needed voice for management to listen to in terms of adopting strategies and methods for sourcing and screening. They just cannot be order takers anymore.  Right now there is a dearth of recruitment professionals who can perform at strategic partner level. This means that if you can develop the right set of competencies, you can  be a gem of a recruitment professional. What are those competencies? In this post, I will write about Strategic Thinking.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Using Variable Compensation to Promote High Performance and Inclusive Growth in the Philippines

Disclosure: I'm an entrepreneur. I have employees, therefore across the board wage increases has direct impact on my fixed cost just like other businesses. But I believe in the value of gain sharing.

There is always a demand for higher wages. Whenever a wage order is passed, the recipients complain that it's not enough. Despite it not being enough, the impact on companies that cannot afford it is tremendous. Some close down, others decide to break the law by not paying the new minimum wage. This means that people lose their jobs or are shortchanged.  Another bad effect is, it doesn't drive performance. It doesn't make people want to work better.

The impact of across the board wage increase affects the workers themselves in a negative way. Whatever salary increases they get are cancelled out by increased cost of goods because employers want to recoup the increased expense! Thus, the vicious cycle continues. Add to that the fact that across the board salary increase at least the way it is given now do not impact on employee motivation and performance. It just produces more unemployed people and unhappy underpaid employees.

In the midst of all these who become losers? The workers. The employers calculate their target profit based on how much they invest. Bigger investment means bigger profit targets. You look at most large companies who pay minimum wage, you'll see that they achieve their profit targets and are some of the most profitable companies and wealthiest individuals in the country.


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